Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scottie Pippen takes game overseas

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen briefly came out of retirement to play in both Finland and Sweden. The fans in Finland gave him a warm welcome, introducing him while playing the song that the Bulls always played during their starting line ups. He scored nine points and also had nine rebounds, helping the Torpan Pojat defeat Honka 98-85. In Sweden, the game seemed to be less competitive, Pippen got many uncontested shots, resulting in a better overall game for him. During the game in Sweden, they had "Benny the Bull," the Bulls mascot, on the sideline cheering for Pippen. Despite Pippen admitting that his conditioning is not where it should be, he looked rather impressive. Many people want to criticize him or say that he is doing it for the money. Regardless, I think it was something a lot of people were interested in seeing, I know I was. The fans out there went crazy every time he scored. As for talks of him returning to the NBA, there is a very good chance...but not as a player. There has been a lot of talk about him getting a coaching job or front office position. Either way, it was great seeing Scottie Pippen lace em' up one last time!


Dannie said...

Scottie is a champion who played for the best coach since Red and with the best player ever in my opinion. I think he understands the game and could be a great coach. He definitely would need to work his way. Sad part is with what Isiah is doing in NY right now he is giving past players a bad image as far as being an exec or coach.

John said...
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John said...

Please put the money issue aside.

Lets face it, basketball is nowhere compare to football or ice hockey in countries like Finland & Sweden.

When you have someone like him coming to play for a one off game, it helps to raise the profile of the domestic competition.

I hope more retired NBA superstar will do the same in the future.

halley said...

Wow!.. I've seen Pippen play as a Bull & he's great!.. I wish I was able to see the game. Glad you've added me on your list. I've added you too.