Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chaos in Cologne

Most of you are probably aware of the situation with the Cologne 99ers by now. For those that aren't...their team is very close to folding. I've heard various things about what really happened, but from what I could gather is that one of their main sponsors declared that he could not and would not continue funding the team. There have been rumors that a new sponsor is going to take over so that they can continue playing. Either way, I find it amazing that a team of the 99ers caliber is dealing with such a problem. Wut is even worse is that the 99ers aren't the only team in the league struggling financially. This is something you could see in the Regionalliga league, German's 3rd division league, or the CBA here in the States. But you wouldn't expect it from Germany's top division. The Cologne 99ers have some well known American's on their team...Toby Bailey, (UCLA) Immanuel McElroy,(Cincinatti) and Derek Raivio,(Gonzaga) who was one of my favorite players to watch and doesn't look anything like the same Derek Raivio that we saw at Gonzaga....but I wont even get into that. If anything, the whole situation is unfortunate for the city and players who have put a lot into the team. As always, I will follow this story as it progresses and update you as it evolves. If you're from Germany or feel like you could add to this storry feel free to do so.

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